Theatre Dinner

What Is Theatre Dinner?

Theatre dinner is a pre-evangelistic tool designed to give Christians an opportunity to discuss their faith with friends in a non church environment. The event involves a dinner with a short play performed between courses. The play presents Christian themes in a contemporary setting and is intended to raise questions about faith which guests can discuss around the table over desert and coffee.

How Does Theatre Dinner Work?

back2front theatre brings the play including the set and lighting and provides advice on how to organise and promote the event. The organisation hosting the event, usually a church, manages the event, providing the venue and catering. Promotion involves encouraging its members to bring guests to the event, so that the audience is made up of roughly 50:50 Christians to non Christians.

Since the aim of theatre dinner is pre-evangelistic, ideally the organisation hosting the event should be able to point guests to some form of seekers’ course starting a month or so after the event takes place. Suitable courses include:

  • Glad You Asked
  • Alpha
  • Christianity Explored

The host organisation should theme the event in a way appropriate to their target audience. For example, it could be:

  • A black tie dinner
  • A fish and chip supper
  • Cheese and wine

However, the key is to create an atmosphere where people will want to sit and discuss the play and its themes once they have seen it.

What Plays Have We Performed?

The Bishops Candlesticks

A one-act play based on the first act of “Les Miserables”. This deals with unconditional love and forgiveness, which God gives us through His grace.

After Eden

A two-act play dealing with the consequences of sin. Loosely based on the story of David and Bathsheba and the results of their actions, it echos the fall of man and its consequences for us, we see that “through the actions of one man all have suffered, but through the actions of another, all are set free”.

Entertaining Rembrandt

17th Century meets 21st century in this one-act play based loosely on the story of the Prodigal Son and showing that we all have a God-shaped hole inside of us. We can try to fill this space with various things but in the end we realise that they don’t satisfy us and in fact only God can fulfil us. No matter what we have done He loves us and is waiting to welcome us back.

Last Supper

The life and work of Leonardo da Vinci are surrounded by myth and conspiracy theories. He was a man of many contradictions: multi talented yet unable to complete so much of his work; cynical of the established church yet financially its slave; unwilling to adhere to its teachings yet said to have called for a priest on his deathbed.

Last Supper¬†explores the end of this extraordinary man’s life. Its themes will resonate with both Christian believers and those who are as yet undecided as it explores questions of personal spirituality verses the established church, fear of the void that is death and our duty to use our talents well.