We regularly write and perform monologues and duologues for use as a teaching aid in services, these help to explore a biblical theme, opening up issues and raising questions which the talk or sermon can then address.


Desperate Housewives

A series of 5 monologues based on different biblical women – Martha, Sapphira, Delilah, Elizabeth, and Mrs Potiphar. They raise issues such as identity, pressures of society, expectations, faith and self-worth.

Two Handers

Men Behaving Badly

A series of 3 pieces based on different biblical men – set in a bar, the Australian barman Drew meets Zecheriah, Jonah and Peter and hears their dilemmas.

Charlie’s Angels

Based on the movie of the same name. In the absence of Charlie’s Angels, their hapless mums try to emulate the girls by investigating Jesus and His claims. They interview Lazarus and Zaccheus.

In a six-week serialised accompaniment to the evangelism course “Two Ways to Live”, they follow through the key themes of the course but misunderstand it entirely. These short dramas are an excellent way to remember the diagrams accompanying the series and thus its key message.


A piece which combines the temptation of Christ with Ephesians 6:11 ff.   Vanessa meets Lucy, who tries to talk her into all sorts of bad decisions, but each time the Bible helps her get back on track.